• Rediscovering fashion, restaurants
    and villas in Southeast-Asia.

    FRV is a full content magazine. It’s a guide to the finest restaurants, villas and fashion in Southeast Asia. It’s a venue to meet the architects, designers and chefs who create the exquisite villas, mouth-watering dishes and high-end fashion garments available locally and in the region.

  • Working together with the in-house team of FRV, to re-brand and redesign FRV Travel to FRV, inspired by it’s own contents and unique approach of Restaurants, Architecture / Villa’s and Fashion. Goal of the rebranding was to represent its current values and repositioning in Southeast Asia. Next to the rebranding, doing editorial design while guarding the current art direction.
  • Client: FRV
    Role: Art Direction
    Scope: Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
    Year: June 2014 – Ongoing