Bamboo Place Branding & Web

  • Living with Bamboo

    The website and identity for a green & sustainable brand of home accessories. Bambooplace has a clear and neat vision for the future; having every home infused with bamboo.

    The mission of Bamboo Place is to stimulate a natural, simple and green lifestyle, with respect for people and environment. With products that come from all natural materials.
  • The philosophy of Bamboo Place is to contribute to a green world, with sustainable products and thereby express a positive influence on the environment and immediate living environment, your own home first. Striving for balance, choosing what is really important.

    These values have been visualized by the logo, inspired by the sturdiness of bamboo.
    Natural pastel colors and a clear visual identity with a website that goes with the whole feel.
  • Client: Bamboo Place      
    Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Webdesign/development, Print Design      
    Scope: Branding, Visual Identity, Webdevelopment       
    Year: October 2014