Italian Osteria Singapore

  • Genuine Italian cuisine

    An Osteria originated in Italy as a place for serving wine and simple, yet filling dishes of food to its clientele. The dishes are often served to shared tables, encouraging the diners and patrons to share the food, wine or other drinks. Over time, it became so much more, expanding their parameters to catering food for patrons after work or those in search of an evening of refreshments.
  • The concept of an Osteria is a powerful and unique piece of Italian history and heritage. This is put in front by extending the brand language with hand drawn visual elements and rustic look. Juxtaposing the old tradition in a new environment on the other side of the world; Singapore.

    The restaurant branding focusses on the new and old. While keeping cross-cultural boundaries in mind.
  • Client: Italian Osteria
    Art Director
    Branding, Visual Identity
    October 2014
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