SPIN! Wine

    From the beginning, the SPIN! Pizza brand has been built upon the Italian tradition of pairing handcrafted Neapolitan pizza with designated types of wine. With the opening of SPIN! locations in Orange County, the opportunity arose to launch SPIN! the bottle, SPIN! pizza's very own private label wine that has been hand-selected from a variety of reds and whites made by LA winemaker Maddalena Vineyards. We were thrilled to design a label that is truly unique and celebrates the SPIN! brand experience at every angle.
    The SPIN! brand appears twice on the label. The "S" is shared to display the word "SPIN!" both right-side-up and upside down for when the wine is poured. If you look closer, the words "the bottle" appear in each exclamation mark and invite the patron to do just that. The varieties of each type of wine are typeset along the top using the SPIN! color palette. Overall, the concept playful, sophisticated and full of details, just like the rest of the SPIN! brand.
    Next time you are at a SPIN!, don't hesitate to SPIN! the bottle. We think it's a great way to settle who gets the bill.