Author Romina Garber WordPress Site

  • Desktop Layout
  • Tablet Layout
  • a clean and content-out layout that is responsive and integrated
  • Mobile Layout
  • Romina Garber, YA author, required a versatile blog. The purpose was mainly to support the launch of here first novel, ZODIAC. The site also features social media integration for essential components like twitter, tumblr, facebook and instagram.
    Ideally this website's platform (WordPress) and framework (foundation) are not apparent to the user. The visitor experiences a clean and content-first layout that is responsive and integrated.
    The site makes use of the books cover art. Neutraface 2 typeface and a vector graphic is used for the masthead. The rest of the site is set in Chaparral Pro and makes use of its elegant italics, classic style with modern updates.
    For more information about this autor visit the site at   
  • Original Sketch for website included some work on personas and a true mobile first strategy. 
  • Google Chrome Development tools used for some optimizing of the mobile layout.