• Think. Make. Repeat.
    12//December 2014. University of Wisconsin//Stout
    Every year, the University of Wisconsin- Stout features a capstone Graphic Design show called the Senior Show. It showcases the skills developed by the students as they officially enter the real world. Think. Make. Repeat. focuses on the process we all go through. As the designers move forward, they are left with only what they have learned and their process. VISIT THINKMAKEREPEAT.ORG
    Matt Erickson//Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Printing and Production
    Vadim Gershman//Creative Direction
    Victoria Le Beau//Production and Publication Design
    Zach "Breezy" Beckman//Printing and Production
    Matt Muraoka//Printing and Production
    Jenny Sweeny/Production
    David Nanda// Production and Video
  • Cover for the Facebook Event
  • Great Process Video by David Nanda entirely through Snapchat footage.