fancy animated illustrations

  • Animation is love.
    I do motion graphics and i draw and animate all the stuff.
    I really believe in the importance of being able to change your style. this is essential in our business.
    Because if you really rock, your inner style will be recognizable and people
    will choose you for their projects.
    Giulio Mosca
  • from the incoming project "flat desk"
  • from the incoming project "flat desk"
  • icono animatio
  • icons animation from a recent work
  • "win in the arena!" recent motion for a startup
  • prizes showcase for another motion graphic
  • working hard 'till 8:10 PM
  • playing with boxes transparency¬†is so fancy
  • is it beach or bitch?
  • I love this guy
  • and finally this is a personal project im working on. It's ful of boobies <3
  • Thank you very much!