Sexual Assault Free Environment (SAFE) – Branding

  • SAFE is an awareness campaign by the local Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners non-profit which is turn under the Southern New Mexico Wellness Alliance.
    The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) non-profit started a new campaign to raise awareness and educate on matters of sexual assault, primarily within domestic and work environments. The organization wanted a simple but effective logo that portrayed sensitivity and the positivity in healing from a traumatic assault. They also wanted to portray an approachable and caring attitude considering a large percentage of sexual assault victims never seek counseling or help. The color was determined early on simply because teal is the nationally recognize color of sexual assault (while purple signifies domestic violence).
  • A page from the SAFE branding guide book I developed.
  • A small poster that accompanies donation boxes set up throughout the county. (Photograph by Rachel Telles Photography)
  • A REBRAND that came along with the SAFE project
    When I was working on the SAFE project, I was looking at a large banner hung on the wall while at one of the board meetings where I was presenting some SAFE logo drafts. I keyed in on the printed Southern New Mexico Wellness Alliance logo. The logo wasn't all that wonderful to begin with, but what made it worse was the fact that it was horribly scaled UP for print from what was obviously a pretty tiny raster image.
    I asked the board if they oversaw the Southern New Mexico Wellness Alliance and indeed they did. I pointed out the graphic on the banner and explained a bit about vector vs. raster images, etc. They asked if I could do anything about it and of course I said yes.
    I started (at their request) with just a redrawing of the original logo in a vector format. Then after showing it to the board and explaining why it STILL wasn't a very effective logo, they wholeheartedly agreed that a refresh was needed. They wanted to keep the core elements in place – the figure with the hopeful, upstretched arm, the tumultuous hurricane/stom and the two colors, teal and purple (these colors represent sexual abuse and domestic violence respectively).
    So I did all that they ask and came up with a much, much cleaner, more legible and more expressive mark. And most importantly, it's scalable! Haha! 
  • OLD Southern New Mexico Wellness Alliance logo at the only resolution (111x88 px) they had on file!
  • My quick redrawing of the logo as a scalable vector graphic (with some raster effects applied in order to match the old logo as best I could).
  • The new, rebranded logo for SNMWA.