• Shopkeeper, 2014
    acrylic, 841mm X 594mm


  • Hong Kong is a Cantonese–speaking city, but it has also developed a system of slang unique to it and not commonly understood by the mass majority in Guangzhou—the birthplace of the dialect. English words are sometimes mixed in, connecting the legacy of the city’s colonial past.

    K-lah, or sometimes, oh-k-lah, translates to "Okay." The term is used mostly by the younger generation of Hong Kong citizens as an extra addition of 'okay, whatever'. As a young Westerner, it was easy to become overwhelmed by the densely populated land surrounded by a tower-studded skyline.
    Most of the intimate moments and chance meetings I encountered on my exhibition in Hong Kong would be bypassed as "okay, whatever..." but for me, the small acts of anarchy, the large phenomenon of 7eleven, and culture within everyday street markets are so much more. Highlighting my fascination with the neon signs that illuminate the city at night, each piece was made through extravagant blocks of color with sensitive lines.
    featured on Coconuts Hong Kong.
  • An–Archy, 2014
    acrylic, 594mm X 841mm

  • Sass Patrol, 2014
    acrylic, 420mm X 297mm​​​​​​​

  • The Seven Eleven, 2014
    acrylic, 297mm X 420mm

  • Broadway Act, 2014
    acrylic, 841mm X 594mm

  • Smoke Break, Honey, 2014
    acrylic, 297mm X 420mm

  • The Neighbors, 2014
    acrylic, 420mm X 297mm