The Foursquare Hub

  • The Foursquare Hub
    The Foursquare Church developed a new database system called “The Foursquare Hub.” This network serves as an online gathering place for Foursquare leaders as well as a database to keep track of Foursquare’s numbers and growth. It will also serve an online profile database and a hub for Foursquare family members to remain in contact with each other.
    The Foursquare Hub mark needed to convey connection and relationship, but also safety and security. We based our Hub mark off of the honeycomb concept—how several honeycombs come together to form a beehive. The Foursquare Church parallels as it is several churches coming together to make a whole. The Hub mark is a honeycomb, a home, and a finger clicking a mouse. Multi-dimensional in meaning just as The Hub is multidimensional in its users and it’s usage.
    Art Direction | Brand Guidelines | Identity Creation | Web Production
    Nicole Chin, Art Director + Graphic Designer
    Jean Eli, Graphic Designer
    Geoff Graham, UI/UX Expert + Web Designer/Developer