The Occult Infographic

  • Occult Infographic
    I've had a long standing facination with the occult. There are so many interesting facets to it whether you believe in the paranormal or not. My goal was to show off the occult aesthetic while normalizing the topic by showing it's place in history and the different types of occult practices and beliefs.
    Occult imagery uses a lot of geometric shapes, dark and monotone color schemes, sharp points and soft curves. (I’m obssessed with the play between hard and soft). The topic of magic is also both enticing and terrifying. It’s been used to explore our ideas of good an evil and deals with our emotions of fear and hope. Nature religions are extremely old and rooted within years of history. Early paganism and tribal religions were a way to explain the unknown and create a divine calendar that could help them survive by anticipating the changes of season. Lastly, I also find the study of the occult to be humorous and often over the top. I don’t take it too seriously and that has helped me to appreciate the occult for its beautiful imagery and creative ideas.