• Gillette is a man’s secret weapon for looking good and feeling confident and in control. So it’s only fitting that Gillette present itself in a way that exudes the same qualities, as the leading men’s grooming brand should. Here, a strong, bold package design emphasizes Gillette’s masculinity, straightforward confidence and reliability. 

    On the razor and blade packages, a clean design features translucence all around, save for the transparent window that frames product heroically. The design, reminiscent of a steamy bathroom and the moment of clarity, also spotlights the daily shaving ritual nicely. 

    Shaving products are packaged in prussian blue, again promoting a look that’s bold and confident. And on the entire line, while secure rounded corners are practically designed for a more confident grip and handling ease, they also replace sharp, harsh edges and echo the smooth close-shave comfort Gillette promises—and delivers—with every shave.

    Course: Package Design 2
    Instructor: Ania Borysiewicz
    Prototypes: Julie Yeow
    Photographed by: Jason Ware