HP Vector Commission #2

  • Agency : Tracy Locke
    Objective : to create two illustrations to be used as wallpapers throughout all HP products.
    Direction: Carte Blanche

    Had the honor to play with my good friends HP!
    Bleow are my vector skecthes ( I sketch in vector )  that I submited for my second commission by HP ( see the first commission here ), with the intention of going back to the sketch to finalize.
    Why do I present vector sketches instead of pencil sketches? Having worked in the Commercial/Agency world, I know that Time is a rather poorly managed luxury, and to best suit my requestors- I rather utlize time effeciently and show them vector concepts that have color, it helps jump start the program, allows me to have a digital file that I can edit and gets keeps the conversation rolling.
    NO Tracing, NO Gradient Mesh, No Rasters, No Plugins
  • ROUND 1 Vector Sketches
  • ROUND 2 • Vector Sketches
    Some artists out there might get upset when a client changes direction, unexpectedly.
    Me?I actually welcome it.. :) !
    Vector Abstract landscapes
  • ROUND 3 • Vector Sketches
    Client: ....."Can we get some of the abstracts to "pop" here and there?"
    Me: Sure.....
  • Final TWO Vector Wallpapers below.
    If these two final vectors seem a little "cloudy", its becuase the client had requested them that way, so their app icons can be more recognizable...
  • For all of you thinking "wow, that's crazy, all that work just for two wallpapers"....all I can say is here's a quote  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
    ― Confucius
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