Holly Hunt Proof of Concept

  • Holly Hunt
    Website Proof-of-concept
  • The 'big idea'  was to create a design that only scrolled horizontally in a continuous loop. As content was added or changed, modules would just get swapped out with what was new. The look and feel was to be similar to a high-end catalog, but with rich media and interaction in each section. The design also utilizes principals of 'Responsive Web Design,' and would fit and fill the entire screen of a device.
  • A persistent navigation follows along with the horizontal scrolling if the user wants to jump to a specific section
  • This design also needed to include a to ability to localize to a specific Showroom to allow each location to have a customized experience based on collections and designer's products available at those locations.
  • Rollover in a section would highlight and reveal any additional content available.
  • Selecting 'View Samples' reveals the product catalog for the collection, hovering over the image reveals the specifications and options available for the product being viewed
  • Zoom feature to show products as a large beauty shot was important.
  • Video content could be added to a section as an option.