2013 Ohio License Plate

Created: 01/27/12
Last Edited: 12/03/12
A unique project done while a part of Columbus College of Art & Design's in-house Design Group. My proposed concept was chosen to be the state of Ohio's new license plate for 2013.
  • 2013 Ohio License Plate & Drivers License
  • The Ohio BMV approached CCAD’s Design Group to design a cohesive license plate and drivers license. The focus was to create a design that was simple, legible, unique to the state, and well suited to be placed on any vehicle. Out of the five presented plates, my design was chosen.

    My goal was to represent Ohio's state symbols and state slogan Birthplace of Aviation
    in a simple graphic element. I was inspired by the vast similarities in the many shapes and angles that are associated with our state.
    The wing shape symbolizes aviation and borrows the angles from the Ohio burgee flag, as well as an simplified representation of the top and bottom shape of Ohio.
    The background of the plate contains various state slogans, facts and sayings.

    Slated for production 2013