2012 Product Catalog | Ronix

Created: 11/20/12
Last Edited: 07/09/13
Ronix Wakeboards is the world's leading watersports manufacturer. I had many large projects in my time with Ronix but the most important was the image post-production, design, and layout of the 2012 product catalog.

Over 25,000 copies of this catalog were distributed to over 100 countries on six different continents and led to the most successful year of sales since the companies opening.

Some of the elements and techniques used to make such a successful product catalog were as follows:

- Heavily marketable product technologies and correlating, easily recognizable icons to set Ronix product apart from competitors product.
- Multiple models to explain the technologies and icons associated with every product.
- Design elements in the layout for every page that correspond to the graphics on the products featured on that page.
- Extremely high quality product and action photography to ensure viewers interest.

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