2012 New York City Council Newsletter

  • 2012 New York City Council Newsletter
    Connecting a community to their representative. 
    My goal with this newsletter was to get the news (events, new legislation, and constituents stories) that Council Member Ruben Wills had gathered through out the quarter of the year to his constituents in a way that addressed the concerns of the district. Some constituents in his district felt disconnected to Council Member Ruben Wills because they believed he was either "never in their part of the district" or "isn't consistent with events". Being at Council Member Ruben Will's Office, I learned that these accusations were false and his office works hard to ensure the opposite.
  • In response to these concerns I created a newsletter that displayed all the news he had in a way that would challenge concerns
  • I added a timeline to portray the Council Members consistent events
  • I also added a map that connects to the time line to challenge the idea that he doesn't travel the district
  • And I also added a chart to display the number of constituent lives he directly affected.
  • In the end, the Council Member Ruben Wills was very pleased with the accomplished newsletter and over 30,000 constituents received this newspaper in their mailboxes