2011 Grammy nominated album package for Anaïs Mitchell.

Created: 03/25/13
Last Edited: 03/25/13
In 2011 the series of linocut portraits done for Anaïs Mitchell's "Hadestown" became the basis of this record cover. Anaïs, Brian Grunert and I collaborated on the design, and we shared a Grammy nomination for it. Devendra Banhart was also up for a nomination on his own album cover that year, but it was the Black Keys album "Brothers" that took the prize.
  • I collaborated with Anaïs Mitchell and Brian Grunert on the design of this album cover and we got a Grammy nomination in 2011 for album  package design.  Anaïs had my linocut of the girl with the wine glass in her kitchen for a few years when it suddenly dawned on her that this could represent Persphone in the folk opera she was writing.  It then occured to her that she could get me to make matching prints of the other 5 principal characters in the drama, and these became the basis for the cover.  All credit to Anaïs and Brian for insisting on having the large, artistic, expansive fold-out with no text and the die-cut goggles.  I had been economizing space and was thinking of ways on combining text an imagery and they showed me how I didn't always have to worry about making the smallest packaging possible...

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