2011 AAC Annual Awards Ceremony Multimedia Program

Created: 03/14/13
Last Edited: 03/20/13
An interactive multimedia program designed for the AAC Annual Awards Ceremony.
  • 2011 AAC Annual Awards Ceremony Multimedia Program
    A BRTRC project
    The AAC Annual Awards Ceremony is an annual event that pays tribute to the uniformed and civilian professionals.
    During the event, a Master of Ceremonies announces the award winners in tandem with the multimedia program. The Master of Ceremonies directs the ceremony from a podium and the multimedia program is projected on large screens for the attendees to see the winners—very similar to the format of the Academy Awards. This format minimizes the amount of reading that the MC needs to do.
    To captivate the attendees’ attention from the beginning, I developed a video montage that included photos and patriotic music to serve as an introduction to the ceremony. 
    Key commands were built into the program, allowing the program to move from one screen to the next. This provided me (The multimedia program director) complete control of the program’s timing, which was imperative as we had to allow time for winners to walk to the stage to accept their award.
    Software used: Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • A special acceptance video message was shot and included into the program prior to the recipients deployment.

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