Fusion - iO - Director's Cut

  • A journey through a universe of particles emphasizes the speed of the new technology, traveling great distances in a fraction of a second.
  • Client: Fusion-iO, mcgarrybowen
    Agency: Mcgarrybowen
    Creative Director: Craig Cimmino
    Art Director: Soren Youngren
    Producer: Kayvalyn Tersch
    Production: yU+co
    Creative Director: Garson Yu
    Executive Producer: Carol Wong
    Producer: Rick Hassen
    Art Director: Mert Kizilay
    Design: Etsuko Uji, Mert Kizilay
    Animation & Compositing: Stevan Del George, Eric Stoiqa, Gregory Jones 3D Artist: Christine Li
    Music And Sound: Musikvergnuegen (Director's Cut Version: Philip Glass - Satyagraha