2008 Philip C. Jessup Competition Campaign


    Shearman & Sterling is the sponsor of the worlds largest mootcourt competition focusing on Public International Law issues. Thechallenge for the 2008 event was communicating the theme concerningterrorism and human rights in the main posters and event collateral.The event posters needed to illicit a gut reaction of sympathy andoutrage in the audience for the applicant and the respondent. Inkeeping with the nature of the case and a limited budget, propagandatechniques were applied to the event posters and accompanyingcollateral. In order to make the posters and fictional case believablecreating text by hand and limiting the use of colors were explored. Thefeedback received from the students was very positive -- all felt theposters did an excellent job of communicating the essence of the trialand there has been a subsequent demand for the event materialspost-competition.

  • Event signage, participant newsprint poster and propaganda pins communicating the competition's fictional case regarding terrorism and human rights.