2007/2008 Trends in Corporate Governance


    The annual Trends in Corporate Governance of the Largest US PublicCompanies brochure has become one of the firms signature marketingpieces to drive users to the firm website as well as to increaseattendance to the annual Corporate Governance Symposium. The objectiveof the piece is to educate companies, particularly General Counsel, onthe corporate governance and director and executive compensationpractices of the top 100 US public companies. To date, this survey isthe only one of its kind, making it an important tool for corporationsworldwide.

    For the 2007 redesign, the challenge was really one of informationalarchitecture. In order to add visual interest to a publication ofgraphs and charts, key elements were emphasized that are relevant tothe year in review, through the use of color, typography and variousgraphic elements. In addition, a large amount of new data surroundingdirector and executive compensation made it necessary to create asecond publication, a way to house them together, and for the firsttime a custom mailer for external distribution and increase brandawareness on the recipient.

    The challenge for the 2008 edition was to bring the brochure to thenext level while keeping the general layout the same. Considerationsneeded to be made with regard to how key items are treated and color inorder to differentiate from the previous year. With the addition of aQ&A insert for 2008, a saddle stitched z-fold cover replaced twoconcealed wire-o brochures and a slipcase to hold both pieces togetherand keep costs at a minimum.

  • Front and back view of the z-fold cover and mailer.

  • The Corporate Governance brochure featured a z-fold which housed two surveys and a Q&A insert.

  • View of spreads from the Corporate Governance brochure.

  • Cover for the Q&A insert.

  • A spread from the Corporate Governance Q&A insert.

  • A mailer to hold the 2007 version of the Corporate Governance brochure.

  • Interior pages from the 2007 brochure.

  • Interior pages from the 2007 brochure.