The George Hotel

  • The existing logo for The George Hotel, which I was asked to rebrand.
  • After reviewing the creative brief, looking at inspiration, and some competitors logos, I begin to sketch to get down thoughts, ideas, and directions for this rebrand. This is one of the pages from my sketchbook on this project and it shows some of the rough sketches and various directions for the new logo.
  • After reviewing my various sketches and identifying some common themes and ideas that resonate in terms of style and goals of the creative brief, I begin to digitize my sketches and design various logos in Illustrator. These will be critiqued by fellow designers, creative directors, and shared with the client for review and approval. 
  • The final, refined logo. Shown is the composed logo as well as the logo and visual system applied to various materials - notebook, letterhead, and business cards - to show how this can be applied to the collateral materials. 
  • This project was completed while working with FINE