Saddle Tree CK Hybrid

  • Saddle tree is the most important aspect of a horseback rider's saddle. Riding comfort depends on this particular part. Traditionally, they are made of wood, which makes them sturdy, but heavy. It is problematic because, dressage horseback riders sit deeply in the saddle all the time without standing on stirrups. This particular type of ride influences back muscles and spine a lot, and without proper training, intensive care and techniques it makes the life and training of a horseback rider quite difficult. Saddle Tree CK Hybrid addresses all these problems. 
  • I used carbon mixed with kevlar fiber as its main material. Thanks to the physical properties of the material, Saddle Tree CK Hybrid is as tough as wood but much more lighter.
    The design of Saddle Tree CK Hybrid features a three layer structure. 
    The first and topmost layer is designed to be comfortable and it’s fitted to the rider.
    The middle layer is made of elastic material, which cushions horse movement. 
    Finally the last layer is specifically profiled to be comfortable for the horse. 
  • Many horseback riders have problems with their spine because of a lot of back engagement during equitation. The mid part of Saddle Tree CK Hybrid is designed to protect and support its spine.

    The form of Saddle Tree CK Hybrid is based on many tests, iterations and models. During the design process, the first step was to cast the form out of the test horse’s back.
    The second step was to investigate wood saddles, other examples, and deeply look into ergonomic issues, and address problems. After careful examining, this process helped me design the cushioning layer.
    Later the top layer was created based on other saddles. Finally, after many models, iterations and corrections, I’ve finished the prototype, which led me into starting the next saddle tree design.