The Hop Garden

  • The Hop Garden is a solution for urban dwellers who enjoy gardening and beer. This unique experience allows customers to simultaneously grow hops and brew beer. 
    The Hop Garden takes the form of a membership that includes workshops aimed at beginners through experts. Beginners brew basic recipes and grow hops, while experts work one-on-one with staff members or choose higher level workshops with more complex recipes. Growing is done via a rooftop garden filled with 10 varieties of hop plants. The unique hands on experience of growing hops brings beer and gardening lovers together. 
    The designed elements include: an informational booklet, process book, stationery, packaging, and a website. The brew kit contains varieties of hops, malt extract, yeast and corn sugar and is made to resemble a 4-pack of beer.
    This project was awarded a merit in the HOW 2014 International Design Awards.
    Photography: Dave Dinuzzo