Branding & Typography

    FASHIONB, i.e. Fashion Blog - Magazine about fashion, style and design world influencers.

    Project goals
    The goal was to develop an original brand identity, which would position the magazine as a third party fashion blog at first, letting it to grow into a full print magazine within a short term.

    Creative solution
    Our idea was to develop a brand identity, based on typeface, which would resemlbe the ideals of fashion industry. The prolonged and narrow typeface symbolizes the common model shape. The tringles, on the other side, stand for luxury and gem stones. Furthermore,  trangles indicating different directions symbolize the wide coverage of the industry, from west to the east, from north to the south. This idea was further improved in a simple and at the same time smart logotype, the one that takes into account the readability aspect and aims high with its unique style.
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