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    Ignition Co. is more than just a run of the mill apparel company; it’s an opportunity to raise awareness for causes and charities. It provides an avenue for you to become a catalyst of change in our world. It was developed by Matt Blaisdell & Seth Anthony as a 
    stepping off point for anyone to who wants to do more for others. For every product sold, a portion of all proceeds will be
    donated to specified charities relating to the product. Every month, a new charity is announced and the funds raised from the following month are donated to the respective charity.  Ignite change and light the beacon before you!
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    As the designer of this project, my main goal is to have an outlet for my creative designs and contribute to charities and non-profits. I originally designed the shirts specifically to a niche market of the Masonic Fraternity, but I'm launching external shirts to increase selection.