PACKAGING - Wing Street

    Brand Packaging Design

    The great thing about freelancing is that now and then you get to work with great friends who happen to be great creatives. Here is a packaging design project I did with the good folks over at TracyLocke for Wing Street (a sub-brand of Pizza Hut). Like most projects, we did not have a lot of time, but we did have a great time!! G.T.'s as they say.

    Wing Street was looking to get all growsed up and create its own brand. There were many aspects to this project. I was fortunate enough to get to work on the packaging design aspect of the 360 branding exploration. Working closly with Bri and her team, we knocked out a crazy amount of work and came up with some fun stuff. In fact, we won an award!

    AWARDED: Creativity International 43 GOLD Award for Wingstreet Brand Packaging
    Creative Team: Dino de Leon – Executive Creative Director; Brianan Wollman – Creative Director; Scott McFadden – Art Director / Designer; Sondra Healey – Copywriter

  • Paper Clamshell Packaging
  • Paper Clamshell Packaging - Close Up
  • Wider Paper Clamshell Packaging - Printer Flat
  • Take-Out Bag With Handle Packaging
  • Taller Take-Out Bag Packaging
  • Taller Take-Out Bag Packaging - Printer Flat
  • 32oz. Fountain Cup
  • Pattern Design
    As in all projects, the creative went thru an evolution process. The layouts may be gone... but not forgotten. Here's to the first rounders. Cheers!

    Below you will find a few of the first rounds of the clamshell packaging creative review. Followed by one of the original pattern designs.