• One of the three options I pitched to the brand identity competition of the state-owned petroleum association.
    The selected one:

  • Sea & Ocean
    Logotype design for a seafood products sub-brand of the frozen-food company Superfresh in Turkey. 
    The logotype illustrates an object floating on the surface of the water by merging two similar words
    Deniz (Sea) & Derya (Ocean). So it also represents the refraction of the light. 

    Image 1Image 2

    Copywriter: Ali Algür

  • Omega 3 for Heart Health
    An emblem design to emphasize the value of Omega 3 & 6 for heart health. After the company was acquired, the icon's usage, unfortunately, dead. 
    Their current packagings are not the best but, the logo can still can be seen on some of the products.

    Image 1, image 2, image 3.

  • Corporate identity design for a music production company which specialized affordable online-digital commercial jingles.

    Copywriter: Emre Irmak

  • Logotype for a pub & avant-garde coffee shop/bookstore in a theater hall in Istanbul. 
    This logotype was one of the options were pitched though was not selected.
  • One of the options for the largest premium car distributor which is the only official importing company of BMW, Land Rover, Mini, and Jaguar in Turkey. 
    The work was selected but is not in use.
  • A typographic key-visual for BMW’s spring sales campaign used in 2012's spring. 

  • One of the three options of a brand identity pitch for a large conglomeration that conducts businesses in a range of industries from entertainment to energy. 
    Any of the options was not selected:

  • Emblem & logo for a car spare parts company based in France.

    Copywriter: Baris Akbas

  • Logo revision for a large conglomeration which
    conducts businesses in the variety of industries
    from energy to tourism. The work was not purchased. 

  • Brand identity design for a Switzerland-based chocolate brand which was acquired by a Turkish company afterward. 
    The square chocolates' design was included to the project.

    Copywriter: Ali Algür

  • Logotype design for a market research company.

  • Corporate identity design for a conglomeration which conducts businesses on the variety of industries ranging from finance to energy.
    The project was purchased with its all implementations. But is not in use. 


  • Logotype design for a modern dance community.


  • Logo revision as a school project for 130-year-old, state-owned railway company of Turkish Republic.

  • Logotype for art & culture magazine/website. The site is a digest of arts and cultural journalism in Istanbul-Turkey.
    which features the link to stories culled from around the world including art blogs newspapers, magazines and publications 
    featuring writing about arts and culture. It's rapidly becoming a largest online community followed by a mass crowds.

    Copywriter: Ilkay Gürpinar

  • Corporate identity design for a cosmetic chain store which was aimed to compete with The Body Shop in Turkey.
    But unfortunately, did not become a real company. 

    Copywriter: Ali Algür

  • Corporate identity design for a music production company specialized on advertising jingles and scores.

  • Logotype revision pitch for a commonly used underwear brand, Dagi. Their logo had been used for 25 years and we were asked to revise it
    by keeping some clues on from the older version. Above, the option is one of the three we pitched as creating a new,
    unique typeface. Though, the old version is still in use.

  • Corporate identity design for a construction company. 
    Not in use.

  • Logotype design for a photography, image editing and production services company.

  • Emblem & logo design for a basketball school for kids
    supported by 
    one of the biggest Turkish banks Garanti. 

  • Corporate identity design for an incorporated construction
    company with the know-how on building & operating skyscrapers
    in Turkey, Eastern-Europe, and Middle-East.

  • Logotype for a ‘Ubu’ music club & art gallery. Not in use. 

  • Emblem pitch for the 3rd largest Turkish 
    mobile telecommunication company, Avea.
    Wasn't used and the company emerged with
    the other subsidiary establishments.
  • Logotype pitch for a women's shoe manufacturer company. 
    Not in use.