Gojo Contractors & Developers Stationery

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    Gojo is a startup contractor and developer based in Chicago, but doing business in Ethiopia. We were hired to create a logo and stationery kit that spoke clearly and confidently.

    The system that was developed borrows colors that are traditional to the construction industry, but uses them in conjunction with contemporary typography and ample white space to create a more refined product.

    The logo in particular is an intersection of two ideas: an abstraction of the client’s face, as well as his homeland of Ethiopia, where traditional houses (gojos) are composed of mud and straw and have conical roofs. This intersection is due to the client’s desire to give back to his home country after building a new life in America for many years; it is an understated nod to his roots from his current surroundings. The application of the logo reinforces this duality through embossing and debossing techniques.
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