Strike Force 1 - tARTry

  • Strike Force One (SF1) is a group of dancers and artists from Street Dance Academy
    in Slovakia. Activities of SF1 members go beyond into dance... they do also DJ­ing, music
    production, video editing, graphic design, acting, beatbox, fashion and fine arts.
    Particularly interesting is the location in which the clip takes place, it was filmed in High Tatras,
    but due to the storm this part of the forest ended completely demolished.
    So, enjoy the video clip, beauty of High Tatras, which can always remain in our memories.
    Triangles & Lines
  • The idea was to add some simple flickering elements. This ''one frame'' elements
    makes huge difference in overall look of project and add that extra kick!
    It's made with shape layers inside of After Effects, very simple effect. 
  • Glitch
  • This glitch effect is done with After Effects build­in preset Bad TV 3 ­ weak, which contains effects:
    Wave Warp, Color Balance (HLS), Noise, Venetian Blinds. I tweaked values until I was satisfied with result.
    I used masks to separate dancers from background, that way glitch can affect only desired area. 
  • Plexus ­- connected lines 
  • Plexus is best plugin for connecting lines and creating complex look with just few clicks.
    I used tracked Null objects to connect lines and triangulation. 
  • Mood
  • My goal was to make melancholic colorgrade, washed out and dark as possible without
    loosing important details in shadows and skin tones. Edit is sharp, very eclectic and it tries
    to support music in every moment. I used lot of slowmotion and speeding up to make
    action more interesting.For that I used plugin called Twixtor