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  • The Wall Street Journal
    Responsive Web site UI/UX
  • Areas:  Strategy, Visual UI Design, UX Design
    Needs:  During my time at The Wall Street Journal, I was asked to help redesign its Article and Market Data Quote pages using a responsive grid system. Given the newspaper's increasing audience on mobile devices, we knew that readers needed its pages to be more legible on tablets and phones. After conducting a series of reader feedback sessions, I also realized that site users wanted to view market data in numerical form (rather than via interactive charts) and wanted to see it immediately (rather than buried within UI elements like tabs).
    Solution:  In order to ease the transition to mobile devices, I removed delineations like bordered boxes in favor of negative space and restricted myself to a flat UI design in grayscale and blue. I aggressively stripped both the Article pages and Market Data Quote pages of any content which could not be justified by analytics or substantial reader feedback. The resulting pages were both easier to read on all devices and well-received by editors. Even when The Journal drastically changed its visual direction several months after my departure, the underlying architecture of these pages was still fully implemented and many parts of the style sheet remain as well.