Radugadesign Digital Space

  • Few months ago I published Radugadesign identity, the website is the final part of all the work for this client. Radugadesign is the media design studio, which works in a cross of media art and modern technology.
    We don’t call radugadesign.com a website, we call it digital space. Interactive 3D WebGL graphics and dynamic interface helps us to create environment and involve user to interact with it in the way that is different from the usual website. 
    Content is made with tag system, because every part of it is connected with each other. Extra work was put on information view, selection, relationships and structure of its subjects. At the time we publish this project WebGL technology was not supported by mobile devaices, although we tried to keep its key features on every platform: all 3d objects will react if you rotate your phone or tablet. And of course, responsive web design, flat interface and nice colors.​​​​​​​

  • whomakesit.co
    Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design 
    Alex Kanov, front-end, back-end development
    Vlad Tabachnikov, 3d
    Paul Vetrov, Web GL
    Client: Ivan Nefedkin