Samsung Infuse 4G phone from AT&T

  • Samsung Infuse 4G phone from AT&T
    Campaign Launch
  • TAG LINE: Colors so real, it's almost unreal.  (National Campaign)
  • Campaign Interpreted for Digital
  • Home Page Hero — Final Frame
  • Storyboards
  • FRAME 1: Phone screen is off.
  • FRAME 2: Phone screen turns on.
  • FRAME 3: Full screen appears with colorful flowers.
  • FRAME 4: Bees see flowers and think they are real.
  • FRAME 5: More bees begin to swarm from foreground.
  • FRAME 6: Bees investigate and begin to land.
  • FRAME 7: All bees are convinced the flowers are real.
  • FRAME 8: Bees rest on phone screen.
  • Campaign Interpreted for Social on YouTube
  • With colors so real, it's almost unreal, a series of videos on YouTube trick animals with it's big and brilliant screen into believing what they see in the screen is real. Check out these videos.
  • Campaign Interpreted for Print
  • Print Version