• Wheels4Water
    1,000 Miles for 1,000 People
  • During the summer of 2014, Justin Ahrens of Rule29 and Brian MacDonald of Wonderkind Studios rode from Boston to our hometown of Chicago (1,200+ miles) for a life-changing cause. In collaboration with Lifewater, a nonprofit working towards solutions for the world’s water crisis, the Wheels4Water ride provided water for life to over 2,000 people in a Ugandan community.
    On the way, Justin and Brian filtered water from natural sources and told everyone about Africa’s reality. The experience was shared across multiple mediums, including video, social media, and print materials. If you would like to support Wheels4Water, we will continue to raise money throughout the year, even now that the ride is over.
  • As a component of the campaign, we worked hard to create videos (in collaboration with our friends at Wonderkind) that showcased our creative capabilities, but that also worked to establish Wheels4Water as a credible fundraising initiative and show our sponsors that they are in good hands when they partnering with us. Each video was unique to the sponsor for which it was created or the component of the ride it was trying to address (pre-ride, during ride, post-ride).
  • A special, limited-edition Wheels4Water ride poster was designed to commemorate the trip. Additional limited-edition posters were designed for each state that would Justin and Brian would pass through.