Louis Charden bakery

  • The Challenge
    We were briefed to create a distinct and appealing brand for a new café and bakery, where one can feel the comfort and coziness of French cafes.
    The Solution
    What comes to your mind when you think of a bakery? Home, family, a fest, childhood or may be a tempting aroma of your mother’s cakes? The concept of scent-driven memories led the entire branding process.
    French origin insinuation was first of all solved through the naming. We developed a brand character - Louis Charden, the founder of the bakery and created a brand story. The identity was based on unique illustrations, unfolding different life events of the brand character– his first love, childish amusements, his first steps in the confectionary industry.
    The Result
    No details were overlooked in terms of brand integrity. Today Louis Charden café and bakery are among most favorite sites in Yerevan, where the warm atmosphere naturally makes the visitors a part of brand character life, transferring them into a completely different emotional dimension.

    Working Group

    Art director: Stepan Azaryan
    Graphic Designer: Karen Gevorgyan
    Illustrator: Anahit Margaryan
  • Illustrations
    Graphic illustrations of Louis Charden brand character life story are indispensable and the most valuable part of the café shop and bakery identity. 
  • Process
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