Fairytail Lobotomy

  • Fairytail Lobotomy is the result of many years of planning to work on a
    collaborative project. It only took Orsho's move to the other side of the world
    and her short visit back home for us to get our shit together and get something done
    during a 1-and-a-half week period when we were both free.
    We decided to make gigantic paste-up illustrations, painted by hand
    on 2 by 1.5 meter formats, which we then took to the streets of Belgrade. 
  • Phase 1 - The Making of the Gigantic Paste-Ups
  • We spent a few days in Čačak, sketching and listening to Vojke.
    We then relocated to Belgrade where we spent an unreasonable amount
    of time looking for large thin paper… and listening to Vojke. 
    This left us with a total of 2 days to execute the drawings on gigantic formats.
    A lot of coffee, cigarettes and energy drinks were consumed.
    A lot of paint was sat on.
    Hellga sacrificed something.
  • Phase 2
  • The illustrations were painted by hand with black acrylic paint.
    Orsho also used a peach colour and gold because she was feeling very Byzantine.
    Zemunska vutra ima ocenu 5-5-5-5.
  • Phase 3
  • At 3am, we packed 3 complete strangers and ourselves into a
    small 3-door Volkswagen Golf - along with a shitload of gigantic rolls
    of paper and a completely useless (and thus decorative) bucket. 
    It was an unusually cold summer night. Party cloudy, with a chance of showers.
    Tips from Hellga:
    Preparing the adhesive manually by mixing the wallpaper glue powder
    and water with you bare hands is as close as can come to helping
    birth an Alien baby – and it is a very enjoyable experience.
  • Phase... Meh.
  • The demons and fairies become permanent residents of the city of Belgrade.
    Orsho goes back to the land of sunshine and bilbies… and Hellga goes back to hell.
  • The details are in the...
  • The details are very detailed.
    For the love of details - here are some details.
  • So...!
  • This is just the beginning.
    The Fairytail Lobotomy project continues.
    We would like to thank the three strangers and Vojke for the inspiration and support.
    Photos by:
    Bojana Stankovic, Tanja StevanovicOrshoHellga
    Stay tuned for more.