• Project
    An app for skateboarders & BMX riders to film & showcase their skills, get discovered and follow other riders and tricks. The unique Flow feature creates a seamless stream of video from clips uploaded (and edited in the app) by riders and/or filmers. Tagging clips by the tricks done in the clip, location, or event includes them in 'flows' for each tag, which you can also follow. And a 'Discover' section features popular riders, tricks, tags and clips.

    iPhone app
    In 2014, Red Bull Media House in Austria approached me to creatively direct and design all templates and scenarios for the new Red Bull Flow app, working from an initial set of wireframes provided by Red Bull. It was an honour to work with such a cool and talented team and brand.

  • Initial concepts
    The following couple images show earlier concepts for a profile screen and experimentations using the three Red Bull brand colours to bring more life to the app. The colours and simpler aesthetic were dropped in favour of more tabs, a singular red brand colour and attitude & personality was introduced via icons and grunge elements.

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