TigoMusic - Estéreo Picnic Festival 2014

  • TigoMusic Video Chroma Karaoke in Estéreo Picnic Festival
  • Estéreo Picnic Festival is the most important music festival in Colombia, Tigo Colombia a mobile communication company is the principal sponsor and for the new mobile application, they want a space to let people know the app has more than 20 million songs available. People choose a song and then they had to sing in a chroma studio that will appear in a big screen in front of the stand.  (I do not own the copyrights of the art of TigoMusic™ and Festival Estéreo Picnic™assets and photos showing in this proyect).
  • Festival
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  • Photos - TigoMusic Presents Estéreo Picnic Festival
  • At the entry of the festival we put giant headphones that played music of the artists, the music only sound when people walk through.