Meteor Jewelry

  • Project: Meteor Jewelry
    Creative Fields: Photography, Packaging, Identity Design
  • Design 01
    Inspired by art deco style, METEOR jewelry box features the geometric shapes. The cubic appearance of METEOR jewelry box and its lacquered texture bring out classy art deco glamour. It is a natural sponge sliced into cube as the liner inside METEOR jewelry box, which protects our jewelry from harm. Four triangle metal pieces on each side make the jewelry box able to fit smoothly.
  • Design 02
    Another packaging design for METEOR jewelry is elegant and surprising. The contour of METEOR jewelry box is a perfect hexagonal cylinder, and the whole box is made of lacquered wood. The lavish ornamentation on top of METEOR jewelry box is a hand-cut aluminum veneer with stylish art deco style pattern. Six mini magnets make METEOR jewelry box able to fit perfectly. While opening the jewelry box, it presents a complete hexagon on top view with an international guarantee. Special feather liner inside METEOR jewelry box protects jewelry from harm and add some mystery to it.

  • Strategy Development & Design Process
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