The manifesto of an art school

  • "A manifesto that speaks for a new art school that wants to connect the arts and crafts to a new base.
    And also introduces the new alphabet that hopes to change the way of viewing and
    understanding the modern and old meanings."
    The alphabet of an art school
  • Illustrating an alphabet of meanings.
    Some letters are obvious, some are conceptual and some are random.
    A new era needs a new alphabet and a new alphabet needs a new school to use it.
    The manifesto of an art school

    A manifest that reflects meanings and not letters.
    An introduction to the concept of a new art school.

    Details of the manifest
    The whole manifest
    An alphabet for a language that will never be spoken.
    The words have lost their meanings. The alphabet used in this project is

    an alphabet which loses its initial content. In order to explain again concepts that lost their meaning.
    A new language that illustrates the new era of art and design.
    The introduction of a new way of seeing. Eyes have no boundaries.
    the first alphabet in which letters aren’t destined 
    to create words.
    There is no parthenogenesis. 
    This is a newborn child derived from the ideas of the most significant movements
    in art and the pioneers of the new era of design.
    It is not born by accident. It is born at the point of postmodernism’s abatement.
    Nothing can be everything and the opposite.
    The alphabet is searching a new path in the narration of art.
    Exactly at the time when narration is completely lost.
    New students are bored.
    Teachers are bored.
    Teachers must pass knowledge to the new generation of students.
    Internet made the new generation students arrogant and pundits.
    There’s no one left to search for new territories and explore new paths of art.
    The crisis in art started long before the current economical crisis.
    Meanings don’t need words to define them and limit them.
    They are being filmed, photographed, painted, sculptured and designed.
    This new alphabet aspires to place words upon meanings without the
    limitations of everyday language because it reinvents the usage of letters.
    Old things are fading out and new things are lost inside the old.

    The purpose of this alphabet is to connect.
    Connect the old with the new, the words with a perspective.
    Art with present,and old techniques with new technology.
    To find the definition of art you need to return to technique.
    Αcademia is the best way to learn a new language
    Introducing the new art school.
    Art school is a statement by itself.
    This art school is at the verge to take the next step.
    It starts a dialogue between artists and technicians of  the fine and applied arts
    Learn again to be visual.
    Connect art to its base.
    From the first indications of art and narration until now. From Lascaux’s cave to
     the newest projection on a cave wall.
    Art is a battlefield between past and future.
    The past is something known and well travelled,
    the future is connected with the “new”. The present is a gap
    This school prepares all artists to “read” the past and “write” about the future.
    Past has a lot of stories to tell but no one listens
    Re introduce the techniques to craftsmen.
    An artist is no different than a worker.Art is not inspiration
    Redefining school. School is the hatchery for the “new”.
    The new generation of students have to topple this manifesto.

    The connection needs at least two points.
    Connect the old with the new, the words with a perspective. Art with present,and old techniques with new technology.
    For this reason the educational program of this new art school is divided in two categories
    Theory and technique
        There are no limitations to the lessons you choose, as long as there is always a combination between the two categories
    The first one consists of lectures with subjects such as the beginning of history to the most contemporary art movements.From classic geometry to quantum physics and from the first philosophers to post Marxists.
    The second category includes laboratories, for learning techniques, from the most classic as sculpture and paint to the most disavowed as performance and video art.
    The list of the lessons is not standard 
    but it changes every year 
    according to the teacher’s choice.
    The teacher of a specific lesson has to be a student of someone else’s lesson.
    The only thing which resembles 
    the ways of the old schools 
    is the three year duration.
    each year must have at least 
    six connections (lessons from both categories). 
    Which means 12 lessons.
    The courses will be in pairs 
    one from each category and they will be 
    joint together through a project. 
    This project will connect 
    the technique with the theory.
    Exams are not needed to be accepted 
    at the school because anyone can enter. 
    The only thing the art school takes into 
    consideration is the personal limits of 
    each person and its capacity to evolve.
    The school wants to combine again 
    art and society and promote its beliefs.
    Reclaim society, demand the whole.
    Against meta.
    bring aesthetic to the most vital part of our lives.
    Details of the alphabet