AS IF Magazine N° 4

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    AS IF MAGAZINE (New York City) / ISSUE 4
    Graphic design of the front matter pages, cover story and two stories of the issue N°4
    AS IF Magazine is a large-format (12” X 17”) quarterly luxury publication focused on the realms of artistic expression and the visionaries behind them. AS IF features individuals who have made a creative mark in our society in art, fashion, design, architecture, music, film and all forms of creative expression.

  • Illustrations by Antonio Rodrigues Jr.
    Story: CLOSE UP
    Protagonist: award winning American painter and photograper Chuck Close
    Photography and interview: Tatijana Shoan

  • Story: GERWIG
    Protagonist: Golden Globe nominated actress Greta Gerwig
    Photography and interview: Tatijana Shoan

    Protagonist: The Three Michelin Stars Chef Paul Liebrandt
    Portrait and interview: Tatijana Shoan