American Flag Posters

  • American Flag Posters
    Citizen Project is a collective of artists from a variety of disciplines with the common goal of working on interesting and thought provoking visual ideas. Our plans are to launch a design project each year with more — and varied — collaborators.
    This first project is in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. In honor of this occasion, we have all created our own unique take on the American Flag. Our goal is not to tarnish this great symbol in anyway, but to create a few visuals that would represent something more than just another image of the flag.

    These limited edition 24" x 36" posters have been screen printed, signed and numbered and are available for purchase on
    mmm good art.

    You can also find the Citizen Project on
    Design / Illustration
  • All four posters by the Citizen Project members: Terrance Weinzierl, Jody Williams', Michael Nÿkamp, Brian Edlefson
  • Michael Nÿkamp's Thirteen Stripes, Fifty Stars Printed on Classic Crest Cover from Neenah Paper – Patriot Blue
    Thirteen Stripes, Fifty Stars was awarded the "Award of Excellence" in the "O! Say, Can You Design a Poster?" on behalf of The University of Baltimore, AIGA Baltimore and AIGA Blue Ridge.
  • Brian Edlefson's American Portrait, printed on Brilliance, Super Reflector Film from Decorated Paper. Please note: the American Flag is a reflective – this image shows a resemblance of what a user would see when looking in.
  • Terrance Weinzierl, Canton printed on Smart White from French Paper Company.
  • Jody Williams' Color Wave, printed on Smart White from French Paper Company.