Bios identity

  • B.I.O.Σ.   
    Biological Products Branding

    Β.Ι.Ο.Σ.  = Βιολογικός Ιστός Οργανικής Στήριξης 
    B.I.O.S.  =  Biological Tissue of Organic Support 

    { part of my internship during university studies.}

    The company offers organic products to the public. Specifically, their main product concerns a substitute of sugar which is perfect for diabetics.

    Regarding the company’s aims, at the core of their values always lays the human and his or her healthy way of life. Their product has numeral benefits such as that is appropriate for diabetics, it can be cooked, has low calories and helps digestion. Therefore, BIOS brings a great refreshing and vital solution, especially for people dealing with diabetes.

    The concept for the logo highlights the beneficial properties of the product which are encompassed in the concept o revitalization of the individual and the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. Even the name of the company means life itself life (  βίος in Greek,  life in English ). But, an important point is that βίος (vios) has a further meaning, that of choosing a way of life.

    ­All the above was illustrated in a logo which combines the notions of evolution, path of life, human and a sort of reborn through the circular frame and “growing”  human figure. For the color palette, I used shades of green due to connotations with nature.

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