Crest Toothpaste Concept

    Crest Campaign
    These Crest toothpaste print ads aim to build affinity for the Crest brand in an oversaturated product market. They target women and seek to give Crest a fun, vibrant attitude. The concept is inspired by Crest’s tagline “Healthy, beautiful smiles for life” in an effort to highlight Crest as a lifestyle brand.
    The branded photobooth (below) can be placed in high traffic public spaces such as paved parks and malls.
    The booth creates a fun experience that builds affinity for the Crest brand. Point of purchase vinyl stickers
    have a similar effect in-store.
  • CresTea Campaign
    (fictional product)
    Each CresTea magazine spread  highlights a variety of tea (for fresh breath, for protection, and for whitening) by showing the products it replaces or parallels. The headline “Changing the landscape of dental hygiene.” drives the subtle visual concept of landscapes and speaks to the revolutionary nature of the product.
    On the micro-site (shown below), customers can learn more about the product and find the tea variety that is right for them. The site is meant to introduce CresTea to prospective buyers, and lead them to make a purchasing decision based on the information they gain.
    The point of purchase piece (shown left) displays packaged tea varieties in an end cap. Each box would contain a sample of peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon flavored CresTea. The end cap draws attention to the new product for existing customers of dental health care products.