Museum of Archeology and History in Elblag

  • Museum in Elblag

    established the Civil resolution of the Executive Committee of the Jubilee Year of Elblag City on 24 March 1954, which took over the whole burden of the organization institution. Its nucleus was found collections of the former Museum of the City. Archeological found in Rakow, while in the basement of the pre-war museum at. Wigilijna Street discovered the remains of the former collection of arts and crafts.

    The current collection of the Museum are both pre-war legacy of the City Museum, which was founded in 1864, as well as acquisitions and gifts of war and monuments of archaeological research conducted by Elblag museum (including the Viking settlement Truso, Elbląg Old Town, the Gothic cemetery in Weklicach). 
    Museum of Archaeology and History in Elblag is a collection of materials relating to the history of the city of Elblag and surrounding areas.