L'C Branding//Identity//Packaging

  • "Be Adored"
    L'C is a California base boutique shop that creates one of a kind, custom and sensous garments for women.
     L'C is an opportunity for women to "be adored", either by themselves or by the person they love.
    The Branding needed to  express the quality, sexyness and the feeling of being adored.

    By utilizing the traditional black and gold comonly represented by other haute brands and the universal
    colors of luxury, it was central to making the ornate logo translate into the main mark but also the pattern.
    The Logo which is very sensious  became the center themed of all the branding and collateral.
    It was important that the branding exuded femeninity in a very universal, personalized sense.
    Combining the logo with type, alongside the strong vision of "be adored" by the client,
    L'C was designed and developed.