Belarusian Dream Theatre Florence 2014 video

  • On March 25 , 2014, The Global Theatre Project (The GTP) has created an evening of Florence in direct contact with Los Angeles, California where, again , GTP , has organized an evening mate at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center ; under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence , Department of Culture , announced the evening of theater BELARUSIAN DREAM THEATER .
    The purpose of the evening was to encourage greater international attention and concern about the violation of human rights in Belarus. Belarus is considered " the last dictatorship in Europe " where people "disappear " on a daily basis . Despite the political and government leaders of the world have largely ignored the issues of human rights and censorship , artists have agreed to bring to the fore this situation.
    The date of March 25, coincides with the Freedom Day in Belarus .

    The video is the introduction to the evening , with the intent to reason with the spectators that usually have indifference in comparison to these issues.

    The GTP:

    Special thanks for this opportunity at Bari Hochwald
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