Washington Multi-Family Housing Association Rebrand

  • The Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA) is a professional organization for those affiliated with the apartment rental industry. With a widely-varied membership demographic and increasing competition from similar organizations, they were looking to freshen their look and improve their messaging.
    Collaboration with Creative Leverage.
  • The new identity encompasses the core of the organization: multi-unit buildings. Because membership includes young leasing agents through maintenance crews and construction and property developers, the challenge is to appeal to a broad spectrum. The additional challenge is the length of a name: how does one cull the most important information about this organization? In addition to appealing to membership, WMFHA has a strong legislative advocacy presence in Olympia, and therefore needs to maintain a trustworthy and professional appearance. The type is easy to read, but friendly, rooted and stately, while the mark plays with perspective and has an extra "wink." 
  • The three new pillars of WMFHA are: advocacy, education, and celebration. In changing the focus to the benefits of membership, it was discovered that WMFHA is leagues ahead of competing organizations in garnering legislative results, providing valuable education and certification opportunities, and throwing the best parties. These words became the guide for additional collateral materials.
  • The angle from the logo is now a part of the WMFHA brand language. Though the production budget was small, it was possible to add an interesting die cut to the cards, ensuring the recipient would take notice and hold onto them. The brand colors include a couple of "punchier" tones to bring in celebration and a modern feel. 
  • The homepage has several rotating showcase images. Further use of the angle/perspective brings interest, and instead of using "See/Say" stock photography, imagery acts more as a texture, highlighting the key thing that brings members together: rental properties.