Haircare Packaging Design

  • Sigré Elixir Luxe
    This product line embraces the natural, curative effect of apothecary solutions, while bringing it into an upscale market. The customized bottle shapes recall Asian-inspired shapes with a fragrance-inspired persona.
  • Sigré Groom Guard

    This concept showcases a streamlined, clean and graphic style for today's modern gentlemen.
  • Sigré Mystical Treatment and Stylers
    Building upon the momemtum of the both the spiritual and vampire crazes in pop culture, this line of stylers appeals to consumers who are looking for something beyond the surface for their hair care needs. The treatment indicates a transformation in the condition of hair. The stylers inspire glowing, moldable and uplifting looks that captivate and resound with the conscious consumers' affirmations.
  • Sigré Tall Tales

    Aimed toward a sophisticated metropolitan consumer, this straight-styled haircare line takes inspiration from the tall, recently-built modern skyscrapers of New York City. This haircare line achieves the smoothest, sleek "slender" hair disguising the fact that the original hair may have been the opposite—the tall tale.
  • Sigré Punkology Hair Stylers

    This hair styling line takes on the edginess of punk and adds a little sophistication. The letters of Punkology are arranged in a collage of "organized chaos" in the background. The colorfully packaged range aims to consumers who want a wild look that is still refined just enough.
  • Sigré Coco Latte Reconstructive Foam Packaging

    Created under the code name of Sigré for a large client's concept presentation, this innovative dual-purpose foam would be housed in this bottle design that emphasizes this product's rich, naturally-derived coconut ingredients.
  • Full Throttle Haircare for Men Packaging
    This haircare product concept is geared (no pun intended but is appropriate!) toward the male consumer who is active in sporting pursuits, particularly racing and other activities where the hair is affected by the environment and wear and tear from helmets. Its dynamic, racy shape with speed/tread-inspired elements support the target market it is aiming for.
  • Sigré TressAir Full Travel-Size Kit

    Designed for the sophisticated jetsetter, this full line of hair care and styling products is comprised of an "airy" look that is contemporary and complies with clear bottle requirements for air travel.
  • Sigré KeraQueen Hair Care Line

    With the demand of high quality and safe keratin-based straightening enhancers, this product line proposes to represent the most supreme keratin care products. The scientific structure of a hair's cuticle is shown as a refined decorative texture that envelopes the bottles.
  • Sigré Amazonia Haircare Packaging
    These bottle designs connote a cosmeceutical style for an upscale product line that uses on ingredients from the rainforest.
  • Sigré Diamaxti Hair and Skincare Packaging
    This product line invites consumers to experience the lavish ingredients of diamonds and black pearls, which creates a luxurious cleansing and conditioning experience while dramatically revitalizing hair. This packaging reflects the ultra-glamorous aspects of the products. 
  • Tressotix Sun Recovery & Sun Goddess

    This line demonstrates how hair can have fun in the sun as long as its condition is restored by this impressive line of products. The signature beachy/ocean-inspired graphics showcase bright, jovial colors that are appropriate to the product line's philosophy.
  • Sigré Fairytale Hair
    The design idea for this conceptual product line was based on achieving flowy, fairytale, full-bodied hair for the upscale fashionista. The pattern takes inspiration from Cinderella-like supportive storybook graphics portrayed with a designer handbag style.
  • Sigré Frat Party
    This tongue-in-cheek design is made to appeal to young male consumers who desire healthy, full and shiny hair. Tying in a popular and aspirational lifestyle approach to the actual benefits of the ingredients presents a strong product development initative. In gearing toward a more refined youthful demographic, a traditional German bottle shape is used along with custom caps. The graphics are clean and simple, while honoring a Greek life-meets-artisan crafted beer approach. To make the purchasing experience more appealing, this 4 Pack conveniently contains the shampoo, conditioner and two styling products.
  • Sigré Carnival Ride
    This whimsical design and custom bottle shape is geared toward achieving fun, full, wavy and flirty hairstyles. Taking inspiration from carnival rides and cotton candy, these bottles house the formulas in an unconventional fashion.
  • Sigré Paradís Haircare Packaging
    This design concept illustrates the story of the product's moisture-rich ingredients of the Fiji islands.
  • Sigré Full Flourish Bodifying Gel
    This series of design work explores subtle variations in depicting a spectrum of natural ingredients that result in full-bodied hair with this styling gel.
  • Sigré Short Cuts Hairstyling Packaging
    These techno-inspired packaging is designed to attract a youthful audience who likes to experiment with different short hair textures.
  • Sigré Big is Back Haircare Packaging
    This wild concept recalls the "big" hair looks of the '60s and '80s with cartoonish hair "sculptured" bottles, and billowed typography that shares the same personality.
  • Silkening Oil Intense Age Reversal

    As an individual brand, this kit contains a lavish aquatic blend that will rejuvenate and revitalize hair much like skin care solutions do.
  • Silkening Oil Towelettes

    The color and texture of this packaging illustrates the soothing effect of silk in a line of hair care products governed by oceanic branding.
  • Silkening Oil Stylers and Treatments

    The silkening effect continues for this luxuriously soothing line that will dramatically improve the condition, shine and suppleness of hair. The elegance bottle shapes add to the prestigiously serene effect.
  • Sigré Glisten Up Packaging 
    This conceptualized product brings the salon glaze experience to a consumer's home. The transparent glaze would work on all hair colors, and the bottle design is inspired by the crystalline quality of a glacier and the sophistication of a salon.
  • Sigré Urgent Care
    The concept behind this intensive conditioning system is to quickly transform damaged, nearly hopeless hair into a lush and luxurious state. The packaging conveys a tone of elegance enveloping an 'emergency', and takes cues from fragrance packaging. It is designed to feel customized and special for the consumer.
  • Sigré Kelp Me! Packaging
    A very tongue-in-cheek approach is seen here for this conceptualized product that promises to rescue dry, damaged hair with ultra-moisturizing kelp ingredients of the sea.
  • Sigré Olive Fix
    This line of concentrated olive oil haircare elixirs accentuates the aspect of purity in its ingredients, and its ability to heal dry and damaged hair. Inspired by gourmet olive oil packaging, this design takes it to another level by taking the olive plant and making a flowery dimensional graphic. This concept translates the pure qualities of its ingredient into an object of beauty, to ultimately transform hair into a work a beauty.